Sunday, August 16, 2009

Random Post. Random Shoot

I reared a mouse since Nov 07.

I named it Mickey Mouse.

It very obedient most of the time.

Accompanied me whenever I need him.

But too sad.

Mickey Mouse has reached it maximum life span.

Now, he unable to follow to every single command I gave.

I have no choice.

I have to retired him and let him rest.


So today, I went Jusco Bukit Raja with my mum and youngest sis.

To a pet shop.

And buy a new pet mouse.

Since it is female.

I named it Minnie Mouse.

For those who concerns,

This is how my Minnie Mouse looks like!

Very cute and adorable isn't it?

Mickey Mouse, I will always remembered you :)

I mentioned that I received a gift from crystal last post.

Very nice and cute.

And of course priceless :)

Thank you for reading this random yet lame post. =P

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