Thursday, August 27, 2009

Papa's Birthday

Simple but meaningful celebration for him.

We insisted to buy him a birthday cake although he refused. Haha


Because we want to eat mah! *ngek ngek*

The Cake Cutting Ceremony started at 11pm :)

Happy Birthday papa!

May all your birthday wishes come true although I really have no idea what birthday wishes you made yesterday night :)

I made a little birthday card for him. Forget to take pic :X

Looks quite simple but it used up my whole afternoon :) Precious because it contained my love and heart!

These are some pics took during the Cake Cutting Ceremony XD

The shopkeeper gave extra candles. My dad don't want so old yet.

Simple chocolate cake.

Ops! Papa's age exposed! :x

Tada~ My dear daddy! Happy Birthday oh!

Before that, we had dinner together at somewhere we usually have dinner. Actually, we planned somewhere more special. But the plan got canceled at the last minute. :(

But it's OK because the meaning of eating together will be ruined if we quarreled and argued on these nonsense. As long as everyone happy, this is what we want. :)

Happy Birthday, papa! I Love You. As an eastern people, we all know that it is very hard for us to express love and say I Love You face to face to our parents. We will try to show our love in some other ways. But, I really wish that I could have the courage to say...

"Papa, I Love You!"

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