Monday, August 31, 2009

Ridiculous Salesgirl

Yesterday night, we went Carrefour Hypermarket @ Kapar after dinner as usual to buy some groceries and stock up food supplies :)

So nothing special happened until me and my mum were choosing for some facial cottons.

Beside the place we choosing stuffs, there are racks selling perfumes.

My sister witnessed a salesgirl walked very rush to the rack there and looking around to see whether anyone peeping at her.

Something really ridiculous and funny happened. My sis and I held our laugh so hard.

That salesgirl took one sample perfume of her choice and start spraying non-stop. I repeat NON-STOP for few minutes. From top to toes. Including her underarms also =.= which we considered as not nice to see.

After she sprayed whole body and satisfied, she looked around and make sure that no one was looking at her, which was quite impossible and walked away.

We turned around and looked at the perfume bottle she used, the bottle almost dried up.

I made a wild assumption: The whole or almost whole bottle of perfume was finished up by her if she everyday go there and spray since she works there.

We got variety of human nature in this world :)

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