Wednesday, December 2, 2009


What is coincidence?

One student answered: "My mum and my dad married on the same day!"

LOL I bet many of you have heard this joke before :D

But what I saw last Sunday was really soooo coincidence!

I went my grandma's house and saw some tents built up somewhere around her house.

And the tents were in white colour. In Chinese tradition, only funeral uses white colour tents. So common sense told me, someone has passed away.

Then while chatting with my grandma and aunt, they told me a news, that I considered as VERY COINCIDENCE. So coincidence that really can win 4D =x

They told me they saw some workers built up red tents which symbolize wedding or birthday about the same place on the early afternoon, but suddenly another group of workers came and built up white tents there.

Weird enough huh?

Because actually there were 2 different incidents :)

One house organizing wedding party while the neighbour had someone in the house passed away.

So the whole community was too crowded because 2 big events were going on. And most importantly, they have to visit both houses too.

This is a simple illustration I did using Paint :)

Illustration1.jpg Paint Illustration picture by smileaqua90

Isn't this coincidence? :) I first time seen this kinds of situation LOL


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  1. hai baby mocha..tq because you read my blog...but my grammer is bad...1 understand what you write in your blog..but i blurrr to write and give a comment..anyway nice to know you...good night..

  2. hello ... hmmm ... i think tat is not a good coincidence to the ppl who wan to get married lehhh ..... some might call it suey ... !!! LoL
    and normally ppl can visit 1 only wor ... cos scare the luck will clash !! "shoing chung" :P

  3. kak ina kl: thanks for your effort to leave me a comment :) really thanks!

    Jack Ng: Haha I also think like tat :D the people who want married actually also got their mood spoilt already =(

  4. as a neighbor, u have to go to the both house right?

  5. hey, thanks for visiting my blog. comment replied. clicked your ads! cheers...

  6. wah...really coincidence ngam one...but it is what human life is short and ppl knows what gonna happened the next second...i'm the neighbour was sharing the joy of marriage at the morning...but there's a sudden case then...

  7. YobSumo: Supposed to be like that. But for Chinese, we think attending both will brings bad luck to the one who getting married. I don't actually know how normally people will cope with this kinds of situation, have to ask elderly :)

    Catherine@ Soo Khoon: Thanks!

    Kean Guan: yalo this kinda coincidence really rare. But I agreed with what you mentioned: Life is short and unexpected :) So we must appreciate everything before it is too late :)

  8. Thanks for dropping by my new financial blog, BabyMocha!
    Cheers! :)

  9. hi ^^
    very cute blog u have here!
    i love it.
    anyway, thanks for dropping by at my blog.
    i hit your ad.
    have a wonderful day!

  10. thnx babymocha..
    now i get some information about colours in Chinese tradition.

  11. haha ... oh ya , ur qiang qiang qiang drawing is cute :P

  12. Vincent Lee: Thank you for visiting me back also ^^

    arbaeyah: Thanks! I'm happy that I can provide some information that are useful :)

    Jack Ng: Haha :D That was my first attempt and lots of improvements is needed :D Thanks!

  13. haha ... then im sure u will do alot more better in future ...... :) keep in touch ! ;)



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