Thursday, December 31, 2009

MY 2010 ResolutionS

New year needs new resolution!

New resolutions bring new hope!

I squeezed my brain really hard to write down something for me to achieve, so called setting some aims :)

First, as usual, my focus is on my study. A person which don't have much talents, study is my main success LOL sounds so pity :) Raise my CGPA as high as possible. Don't forget: I want to turn loans into scholarships!

Second, improve my driving skills! I rarely drive,or should I say, I drive once in a blue moon since I got my license. My P license valid until 5-3-2010. I want to drive outside myself before that date! I want to drive to Inti.

Third, makes more friends. Friends are important in our life, and thus this become one of my resolutions. :)

Fourth, upgrade myself in the sense of personality, attitudes, EQ, character and etc :) Change for a better me.

Fifth, love myself more, love family more, love friends more :D

I don't set many and big resolutions. But I wish that all my resolutions to be accomplish very soon :)

1 comment:

  1. all the best in achieving your resolutions!
    happy new year 2010! =)



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