Monday, December 7, 2009

PIKOM PC Fair @ KL Convention Center

This is my 3rd visit to PIKOM PC Fair and second time this year :)

Planned to buy laptop for my sis and some accessories stuffs!

Spotted a HP Laptop on newspaper few days ago, nice specs and affordable price!

P1010076.jpg PIKOM PC Fair @ Dec09 picture by smileaqua90

The PC Fair not as packed and as crowded as last time :)

Got this headgear from HP girls! They said wear it and got spotted to win prizes! They bluff people one lor XD

P1010078.jpg PIKOM PC Fair @ Dec09 picture by smileaqua90

Snapping pics while waiting for the lappie to get ready and follows us home :)

P1010083.jpg PIKOM PC Fair @ Dec09 picture by smileaqua90

Then include ME again inside the pic with the cute christmas headgear :)

P1010079.jpg PIKOM PC Fair @ Dec09 picture by smileaqua90

Snapped this pic outside the exhibition hall :) Our Petronas Twin Towers!

P1010089.jpg PIKOM PC Fair @ Dec09 picture by smileaqua90

P1010086.jpg PIKOM PC Fair @ Dec09 picture by smileaqua90

Got this bear bear FREE OF CHARGE from HP :) so kawaii!

I borrowed the bear my headgear :D

P1010095.jpg PIKOM PC Fair @ Dec09 picture by smileaqua90

Take 2 :) so cute lol

P1010096.jpg PIKOM PC Fair @ Dec09 picture by smileaqua90

P/s: I met Ken there :)


  1. Hi! Nice hat on nice bear and a nice picture of KLCC. And you have a really nice day too. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Which one is computer's stuff from pc fair or lowyat?hehe

    thanx for dropped a comment at


  3. John: Thanks for dropping by :)

    klhappysurfer: Thanks!

    smiley: Depends. But normally PC Fair offers cheaper price and lots of free gifts are giving away too!

  4. Hey, nice blog you've got there!
    Love the song :)

  5. many say that the prices are not even cheaper than the usual days in low yat..that might be the reason it's not that crowded anymore

  6. Wa,crowd of ppl around there
    I wanna c pc girls too XD

  7. i didnt manage to get the headgear T_T~*

  8. Yi Han: Hey thanks!

    HEMY: That might be one reason as well. Another reason I think was because this is the 2nd or 3rd time PC Fair in this year already :)

    Aidi-Safuan: erm... my friend in college :)

    ccsoul: I didn't take PC Girls pic :) U can have a look in others blog :) Sorry and please visit me again :)

    coco: Haha I got it when they were distributing :)

  9. Senior~! XD

    I missed the fair T.T

    SPM AR...

  10. hey u with head gear on is soo cute!! with the two extra ears... haha...
    hope to c u in my blog ya...

  11. Ah... I miss my chance to grab the HP headgear that day... was busy shopping around XD

  12. ~Live Life~: Thanks!

    Melz: This time quite ok, not so crowded :)

    gilbertzai: Thanks!

    Kimberly: Hi Kimberly! Nvm, go next time!

    Yummy: Thanks for visiting!

    Pek Chek Kia: Haha what you bought then?

  13. bonsoir...thanks for dropping by...btw i like ur layout..stay pretty...weee~~~~

  14. LIZ: Ya super KAWAAI~

    cik EPAL: a bit too crowded, but if you want to buy something cheap, it worth :)

    [rin]: Thanks for visiting too!

    LeaF芳: ahh thanks! :)

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    You won't regret ;)



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