Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Short update!

Today I woke up very early in the morning.

This is very rare in my holiday time!

Feeling so reluctant to wake up but end up waking up also, since my parents is going to bring us for "Colleges Hopping". Something like Island Hopping we experienced in Langkawi Islands :)

Okay, so our first destination will be Legenda College. This college actually very new to me, although it located somewhere near Nilai.

My dad and sis accepted many calls from this college. They are having Open Day on these few days, so we planned to have a look there. They told us, their hostel is 5 Stars grade and yet FOC, environment very good, UK certs, blablabla during last visit to Edu Fair.

Something not very good happened and we actually minus marks on their services. Their marketing personnels fighting for customers- means new students. Of course not really fighting. I guess they will receive a number of commissions if they successfully get one new student. The phenomena not very healthy, they too commercialize.

My opinion is if a college or university is really good, they actually no need grand promotions or depends on lots of publicity to get a student. Students and parents will come to us automatically.

Basically, we rejected the college. Too far, no scholarship for whatever results, so-so environment.

Then we proceed to our "Colleges Hopping" second destination- UCSI University. This journey really long and time-consuming since we don't know the exact location and my dad wasn't familiar with Cheras.

So from Mantin to Cheras ate us 1-2 hours. Turning round and round in Cheras, pass by same route for at least 4 times. The most important thing is we are starving! No breakfast, no lunch. Pity us :(

Finally we reached. Totally different from that Lagenda College, of course. The price also difference :) High tech designed campus and really nice and elegant! I want transfer to UCSI too~ LOL just joking.

Hoping to get scholarship, full or partial. Everything depends on her result, hopefully something nice :)

Good Luck, sis!


  1. Hope ur sis get good result too^^

  2. Hahahahaa... Why don't you ask your sister to go to Inti oso?? My friend said UCSI gt lots of 黑人.. So, need to beware lo!! Hahahaha... :P

  3. Bruce828: Thank you on behalf of her! Haha

    ah_thew: Inti don't offer her course oh :( She wants Architecture. If she really study there, I'll tell her to take care herself haha

  4. hehehe..all da best to ur sis =) got mocha sis take care of her sure no prob wan.. kekekeke

  5. My uncle used to lecture at Legenda College, yet he never recommended to go there xD Coz the reputation is *akhem* if u noe what i mean

  6. Nick: thanks! got your support, she also no problem :D

    anza: I see LOL! This really tells us, ads really cannot believe and so unreal haha

  7. good luck to ur sis...tell her study at inti la...inti good advertising for inti...

  8. kumfye: Haha I also support Inti. But Inti don't have what she wants. If she changed her mind to Civil Engineering then OK lah :D

  9. Please go to see Legenda physically first before commenting . 5400 or more students cannot be wrong....

  10. Anonymous: We actually went and visit every parts of the campus, guided by the personnel there. But anyway, that's my opinion and I just share with my readers.



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