Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Looking back: 2009

Last few days of my holiday, which still, I have not yet prepared mentally and physically to back to Inti :(

How will my room looks like after 2 months? Dusty? Dirty?

argh! I will got to spend some time cleaning up after going back there next week!

The most troublesome part is I'll have to move back all my belongings this time. Since I brought back all of them because we were ordered to fully checked out last semester :(

This coming new semester will be something very different for me. It's time to be independence again and adapt myself very well to the so familiar yet so new environment for me.

I'll be in semester 3 this coming January. Hope it will be something interesting and everything can go on very smoothly.

Today is 29 December 2009. 2 more days to a brand new year.

Let's look back on what I did for the year of 2009:

January was my 3rd semester for foundation studies. Time really flies and now I entering 3rd semester of degree :) Foundation gives me many sweet and nice memories. We have dinner and supper gang. We laughed and we did silly stuffs :D

February is my birthday. Celebrated in a special manner with a special person. My birthday coming soon *hint* HAHA getting older mature and most important I'm still young :P and celebrated my 1st 214 in my life.

March when I looked back my March post. Significant events on that month will be Terng's birthday :) and the night when I got trapped in room when fogging took place. Terrible experience! and Earth Hour took place in my house!

April is the time when we CFES-ians graduated from foundations! Went Genting trips and we did enjoyed to the max :) Kind of miss the time we snapped funny pictures in the cool night outside Theme Park hotel. Went out for gathering with friends too to Times Square :) I straighten my hair also. Look back the time when my house got bird's nest and little birds :D

May Low production month since only 9 posts were published. Ending of semester break and starting of my degree life. Not forgetting that May is the Mother's Day month :) Every year we celebrate Mother's Day with all the mothers in our family :)

June I went Genting again. This time with family. I wore graduation robe for the 2nd time in my life. The first time will be my kindergarten's graduation HAHAHA and for pictures, click here! WuGui's gathering again at Station 1 cafe with 2 absentees! Another significant event will be my 1st time met with a net friend, Mr Andrew in Aeon Bukit Tinggi :) He should feel very proud LOL

Stay tuned for July to December :)


  1. heiz,so fast,its new yr le..haha..miss it..huey ying right?nice name^^

  2. haha~ looking forward to ur july to december highlight^^ I'm going to write my 2009 review too~ do visit me that time ya^^

  3. diamun: is Huei Ying :) thanks! haha

    Bruce828: Sure! Will visit you and support!

  4. i'm waitin for july to dec =D hehe.. clicked ur ads too.. kekeke



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