Friday, December 4, 2009

People are crazy in J-card Sales!

Wee~ These 2 days I feel very happy or at least more contented :)

HAHAHA~ smiling :)

Why happy? Got few reasons:

i) Shopping for 2 days! 2e390dwjpg.gif love 1 picture by smileaqua90

ii) Shopping of course got new clothes lo!

iii) Got my result! finalllllyyyy :D

iv) Received many wishes from cute bloggers :) P/s: Refer this post!

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Quite unbelievable that we went Aeon Bukit Tinggi Jusco J-card Member's Sales for TWO days! We are not shopaholics! Please believe me :)

Yesterday went there with mum, youngest sis and bro. But we end up buying nothing except a shirt for my bro and some breads! I guessed other shoppers who saw 4 of us will felt that we are weird LOL Since 70% sales are going on and drives everyone crazy, but why can we resist those temptations?
2e390dwjpg.gif love 1 picture by smileaqua90

There is reason lying behind that :) Mum have to rush back and fetch my sis who is taking SPM exam at 3.30pm. No time for us to contribute something to Jusco's annual earning :)

So mum decided to go again today. This time my aunt followed us. We went on 1.30pm, came back on 7pm! How bravo! After that my legs felt something like after 40km marathon run :(

Spent most of the time on choosing clothes. Buy and kept for Chinese New Year since mum said only 2.5 months left :D End up I just bought 1 short pant and 1 shirt. Both are 70% discounted :) So nice!

My bro contributed to the highest percentage in our total bill, I guess.

You will never able to imagine how people can go crazy in Jusco J-card Sales if you have never been there!

i) People buying whole trolley FULL of clothes. Maybe their clothes only for 1 time use?

ii) They just grab anything with 70% or 50% tags. Forgetting they have to pay another 30% or 50%.

iii) Whole trolley FULL of baby's diapers. I guess diapers are selling on very low price or they stocked for whole year =.=

iv) Child went missing continuously. Paging to search for parent everytime! Thumbs up for those parents! They not even realise their child went missing :)

v) 50% space inside fitting rooms are STACKED UP with clothes. They just left those unwanted clothes inside fitting room. Promoters going mad very soon.

vi) Clothes are no longer in piles. You have to search for any patterns, any sizes you want yourself! By digging! By inserting your hand inside the clothes mountain and pull out anything you want :(

vii) On J-card Day, every RM100 spent on Departmental Store can get RM10 voucher rebates. You can easily see people getting stack of vouchers! Imagine how much they spent a day there! WOW!

Amazing is it? People are rich and crazy in J-card Sales! :) But luckily we are normal enough.

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By the way, I got my results today! :)

Since I got only 2 subjects last semester, so overall quite good :)

Chemistry 2 and Molecular and Cell Biology 2

The result doesn't meet my aim. But actually both subjects improved if compared to last semester :)

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  1. Aeon Bukit Tinggi!
    I'm performing there on Monday ;D

  2. Magdalene: Woots! :D Good luck for your performance :)

  3. LOLs I know! Crazy amount of people, and the queues are so so so long!

  4. already clicked ur money making machine.hheehe

  5. Blair: Yup just like those goods are FOC!

    sue: thanks! machine starts making money after you clicked it :)

  6. thanks girl for popping by my site. urs is nice too! but i couldn't find a cbox :S hehe.

    BeN'Z ver6.09

  7. hey thanks for popping by! glad ya like it. your site is nice too :) although i couldn't find the cbox :S haha! NANG'd ya anyway! Smile back :D

    BeN'Z ver6.09

  8. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Congratz for your subject and happy shopping! =D

  9. hehehe~
    totally remind me when I accompanied my friend to J-Card day as well. She used my card, but since I don't have intention to buy anything, I just followed her~


    I never met bunch of ladies grab everything and put those stuffs in the trolleys~ >.<

  10. BeN'Z: I did not use cbox, but you can always leave me messages in comments part :)

    Kristin: Thanks for visiting me too!

    LORD ZARA 札拉: Everything just seems like FREE for them :)



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