Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let's Farming!

I believe this kind of farming games not alien to you guys :)

Just simply list some, Barn Buddy, FarmVille and etc...

and maybe many of you are playing or played before too!

I'm one of the farmers in Barn Buddy- an app application game in Facebook!

I'm not the addicted type, but will go and harvest my crops whenever I log in my Facebook =)

I have saw some people seriously addicted to farming games- they will purposely set alarm and wake up in the midnight just to harvest their crops and prevent their neighbours from stealing them =.=

Actually, I not very understand why people can addict to such games in the fact that they are not really nice and fun LOL

Maybe the kia-su sense in them that they don't want their hardworks crops to be stolen :)

This is my farm :) Now I'm planting peas!

farm.jpg Barn Buddy picture by smileaqua90

My storeroom, to store what I've harvest but yet to sell :)

earning.jpg Barn Buddy picture by smileaqua90

Other accessories that can be use to beautify your farms! Cash can even be use also :) But not advisable to do so, not worth lah!

accesories.jpg Barn Buddy picture by smileaqua90

Enjoy the game, but no addiction :)

Full Stop, bye! Leave me comment!


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  1. Hohohoh.....Barn buddy.. My favourite application ler....But, i am not that addicited lo.. Now, i can plant flowers ler.. u faster go earn credit.. take some free surveys.. Then u can buy the license lo...NIce post!!!

  2. Mathew: I see :) I should go and earn and buy the license since I'm so free now :D

  3. it's been so long since my last log-in on facebook...wonders anything happens???

    clicked already...

  4. seronok kan main barn buddy. bosan singgah le...

  5. 成亿: Thanks! Nothing much changes in Facebook but they introduce new interface :)

    alien: Okay will try to play :)

    Sharinginfoz: Hi :) Nice to meet you!



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