Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year eve

New year eve is a great time for youngsters to hang out with buddies and countdown events are nearly everywhere in the town :)

I as a young people also, would like to give new thing a try.

I never join any countdown event with friends, an obedient girl you can say :)

This year I guessed I'm going to enjoy the countdown moments with family again. This time will be at I-City, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam :)

I hope it will be something fun!

Happy New Year in advance everyone!

Kick a great start and live our life to the fullest! Good Luck!

Just now went back my secondary school again with mum and sis. Our purpose is to check next year classes for sis and bro.

Everything in the school still so familiar, except some new signboards and CCTV have been installed. New paint for Nature Path, or we normally called it "washroom" or "toilet". What a nice name, isn't? :)

I recalled my days in Kwang Hua, nice memories with bunch of great buddies :)

Checked their class, and my sis got into her dream class :) Congrats! Bro not bad too, he will be in 4S2 next year :)

New year, new start!


  1. I stay VERY near I-city. If you've seen the lights in S;pore, I-city de okok onli lu haha

    Happy new year eve =)

  2. Hueiyi96: Congratulation!

    Kimberly: I went Singapore two years back during Christmas :) Orchard Road really nice! Happy New Year eve!

  3. ya lo,so new yr^^



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