Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life is unpredictable

Life is so weak.

We have to admit this :(

These few days I kept on seeing bad news on local newspapers.

Life are lost so easily, without any hints!

I saw car flying down from shopping center roof top, crashing 2 girls that caused innocents dead.

I saw car washing worker reversing car and banged into customer which sitting there waiting for his car to be washed. He died just like that.

I saw lightning struck on a young man while running to get his car.

I saw lorry's tyre falling off and hit an old man in a car.

life.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Everyday, continuously four days, I saw these rare accidents.

Showing us that our life is so weak, totally uncontrollable by us.

None of the victims ever think before they will die in such ways :(

Those accidents happens the way something like Final Destinations movie series.

This is all Fate, no one is able to change it, everything in the hand of God.

Let's appreciate every moments we have :)

Do what we want to do, tell what we want to tell.

Live with no regrets!

24kz77l.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Because we never know when we going to leave this world, is it?

Appreciate everyday, appreciate everything we own now :)

I Love You, everyone!


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  1. great post! something that people who lost their joie de virve need, just like me

  2. I saw it on the news, now I got phobia whenever I walk into a shopping centre. Will the building collapse or explode? Nowhere is safe anymore...

  3. Many things are just unpredictable. Lets live our life to it's fullest!


  4. Nick: Thanks Nick!

    YULI: Glad that you like this post!

    AtelierGal: Everything might happens anything. Since we couldn't stop it nor change it, let's appreciate everything before we lose it :)

    ~Live Life~: Thanks!

    theeggyolks: Cheers! :)

  5. this is so true. we shouldn't waste our lives stuck indoors all the time, but just be careful when outside. ^_^

  6. eMz: Agreed! If we just worry we might get into all these accidents and locked ourselves indoor, actually we are wasting life :) Just explore life!

  7. memang hidup tak boleh dijangak apa yang akan berlaku seterusnya....

  8. Dear~

    Agree with u~
    Sometimes it just too scary and can kill my nerves~

    Err, why there's no photo there?

  9. Sharinginfoz: Very true :)

    LORD ZARA 札拉: I took the picture from Photobucket and not host by me :( That's why it disappeared. Now I replaced with another 2 pics! Enjoy!

  10. Enjoy ur life...Try ur best n be happy..Hidup mmg byk dugaan...

  11. eyriqazz: You too ya! What we can do is keep on flowing with the changes in life :)

  12. lih wern: thanks lih wern :)

    aproxidiamun: Thanks!



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