Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking back: 2009 [part two]

I started this blog since June 2008. That was the second month I joined Inti and now this blog aged 1.5 years!

Time really flies and world is constantly changing. I hope that, if time did makes people change too, do change to the better side :)

I experienced and I love my life.

I treasure all my friends and family, including blog readers that constantly giving me supports :)

I realized, writing blog is actually a very good practice to jot down everything and anything happened around us.

When read back my previous blog post, I can see differences in myself and my own stories. Happy, sad, touched, frustrated or anything.

As a simple conclusion, for the second half of the year 2009, these were mainly what I did :)

July My cousin sister's wedding! Wedding is another pathway of life that leads to happiness, I supposed. I sincerely hope that every couples in the world enjoyed everlasting love and happiness :)

A friendly reminder to all Intians: Park your car at correct places to avoid your money from flying away! RM30 is pain!

Nowadays everything and everywhere also goes GREEN! Please remember to bring your own shopping bags when you go shopping :) One plastic bag costs you 20 cents if you need one.

In July, I also got full marks for my Mathematics and Statistics paper! Happy happy!

August it's Final exam week for degree 1st semester and I enjoyed HOLIDAY mood after exam!

Starting from the year 2009, I have friends flying all over the world. Fui Wern's farewell party at The Gardens mall before flying to New York city :) She is one of my besties in secondary school.

Then in august, our house got war between disgusting snake and human! My hairs still standing when thinking back the incident that day :(

I visited Petrosains for 3rd time and that will be a memory. Second farewell party of the month- for Kaihan and Nian Yi. This time venue is my house :) They are now at Canada.

August 26 is my daddy's birthday. We celebrated with birthday cake in house :)

I went swimming again after persuaded by dad and bro. Nice experience :)

September Starting of 2nd semester in degree and I only got 2 subjects because it was a short semester.

Another happy thing is my PTPTN loan finally got approved after so long. Sigh. Thanks to the mistakes made by Inti :(

September 14 is a big day for someone :D

Want to have a look how I looked like when primary school? Take a look at this post. Beware: this is a chinese post :)

I had outing again with future engineers and future doctor at Sunway Pyramid :)

October People are sometime so inconsiderate and I saw brain-cacat people parking at OKU car park slot *bites*

Pictures for Mid-Autumn Festivals celebration! and not forgetting that, we won Rubik's cube easily :D

I bought new baby in October too! All pictures in this blog starting from October were took using this baby :) Normal camera with good quality pictures!

Gathering again with Tortoises at Jusco Bukit Raja. We always have never ending chit-chatting session.

And end of the semester after final exam, Malacca trip was my main station :) Warning: Flood with pictures and Mandarin post!

November Kick-start my 2 months holiday! My first time having such long holiday after my SPM break :) Most of my blog post in November were written in Mandarin, for readers who can't read Mandarin, just skipped those, but keep support ya :)

My two rabbits passed away in November, what a sad month :( HuiHui on November 9 while BaiBai on November 20. We will always miss you, my cuties.

I watched lots of movies during November. Holiday is something to waste our life, seriously :(

I watched Twilight and Knowing. Thumbs up! And highly recommended :) I did some simple review for other movies I watched too. Do check out my November archives to know more :)

For movies I watched in cinema, I voted for 2012 and The Twilight Saga: New Moon :)

December I got 10000 visitors! Thank you so much for the supports! Readers and comments made me continue writing.

Have you seen how people gone crazy during J-card sales? This post show you how!

Long time never visit to FunFair? FunFair is actually quite fun! :D I got pictures to show you!

I even went PC Fair for the 3rd time and 2nd time in year 2009 with family :) Bought HP laptop for my sis and I got my cute heargear :)

How to farm in air-cond room? No idea? Please see over here :) I show you!

Family outing again to Bukit Cahaya in Shah Alam. We perspire, but we have fun! :)

Outing is always FUN! Our destination this time: Sunway Lagoon Theme Park! We finally made it to there :)

23-24 December were FUN and COOL! Cameron Highlands family trip, visit for picturessss!

Combination of wedding dinner+ 22nd wedding anniversary+ sunway lagoon+ sunway pyramid :) Click here!

Looking backward is memory.

Looking forward we called it Future.

Tomorrow will be the last day of 2009. The day after tomorrow will be a brand new 2010.

Let's set some new year resolutions and together we make them a success!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Stay tuned for my 2010 New Year resolutions! :) Cheers!


  1. Hi there,

    nice to read your posts. Oh yes, I did look in to your twitter a/c too, but you've missed out your blog url in your twitter a/c. ;)

    cheers and hope you have a great new year.

  2. hahas! welcome 2010! wish u all the best in the year ahead

  3. Remembering back make us realize that time past so fast, but with all the sweet fun memories certainly makes everything worth it^^

    Let us not waste out time and make life interesting^^ Happy new year eve :)

  4. Rabberbits: YAY Happy New Year! :)

    Rahul- Web Guru: Happy New Year too :) and thanks for your reminder, I have updated my twitter's info :)

    FiSh: Happy New Year FiSh! :)

    Bruce828: Happy 2010! :)



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